I've been in Berlin for 2 months now and as much as it has been so far an experience which made me grow and learn, it has also been an incredible struggle. Looking for a flat (and finding it seemed almost impossible), moving 3 times, dragging furniture around on our bare backs, getting internet (not having it for 3 weeks), my phone breaking (not having it for 5 weeks) was made ever more difficult when it was happening all at the same time. Add German bureaucracy and you have a recipe for daily stress. It was not made better by being almost completely alone in a city where I knew almost no one and my only friend was my boyfriend. Having to constantly push out the thoughts about fear of losing him because of this hyper-tense situation, in which I wasn't myself more hours a day than I was myself, didn't add anything good to this whole process. My job provided some safety net, but let me tell you, Berlin is not that cheap after all. It has been difficult and even when most of my technical troubles were resolved and I feel much better these days, this Berlin experience remains a fight. Enough of that. Bleugh.

SLOVAK VERSION is in the other half of this post.

Clothes by MONS&FABS Berlin
Shot on my Minolta Dynax 505si + Fuji Superia 200 in Berlin
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