THIS is the 21st Century

Bethany photographed me for a school project. Check out what she wrote:

Bethany si ma nafotila do projektu do školy. Kuk, čo v ňom napísala:

''The series is an interpretation of online dating. First perceptions and judgement mean so much more in the 21st century than ever before, this is what I wanted to convey. The inkblots are references to the 'Rorschah test' in which perceptions of the inkblots are analysed using psychological interpretation, not unlike the analysing one goes through when on a first date or even when one speaks to an individual online for the first time. The white bralet, made entirely from electric cable, represents the massive factor internet now plays in modern dating. And finally, the paint on the body is in reference to an article I found recently about the racism that is ever more prevalent in online dating. "This is the 21st Century" after all, and it's about time we all acted accordingly.''
pics & edit: Bethany Grace

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